Do you have weight that you just cannot shed, no matter what you do?  We are not a weight loss clinic!  Weight gain is not a natural process when one eats correctly and exercises.  Many come to us telling us they are counting calories, exercising and yet continue to gain weight. THIS IS NOT NATURAL!

Weight gain when calories are restricted and exercise is done is not normal.  We do not focus on weight loss in our clinic.  Rather we focus on getting your body healthy and removing the blocks to good health.  When this is done, and people are eating the good foods, weight loss occurs down to the  ideal healthy weight.

Feel drugged out on so many medications and want relief?  We can help you.  Whether you have been told there is depression so you need an anti-depressant, or your cholesterol is elevated so you must start a statin, or many other so many ailments where your doctor simply gives up looking for the “why you don’t feel well” and recommends a medication to subdue the issue on hand, we are here to help resolve the underlying issue so you do not need to keep adding medication after medication for your problems which are surfacing in your life.

We hear you.  Our folks tell us they don’t want another medication to treat whatever it is that is bothering them.  They want to know, they demand to know, “Why am I feeling so bad?”

Let’s find what the cause is and remove the cause.  It’s that simple.

Are you ready to get better? Are you ready to have someone actually listen to your concerns and actively search for the cause of your pain?

Then come see us!

Here’s a smidgin’ of what we deal with on a daily basis –


  • Thyroid issues, both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid.  This includes Graves Disease and Hasimoto’s
  • Weight gain
  • Depression and anxiety issues (In Functional Medicine, depression and anxiety are not diseases, but rather symptoms that something is wrong in the body.  Let’s find the cause.)
  • Diabetes, both Type I and Type II, and now Type III!
  • Autoimmune issues – rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s
  • Neurologic issues – Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, ADD an ADHD, anxiety, depression
  • Coronary Artery Disease, atrial fibrillation,  strokes, blood clots
  • Fatigue, chronic pain issues
  • Cancer and improving your risks of relapse
  • Stress management and adrenal issues.

The acute emergency care needs the help of the emergency room.  Functional Medicine is not what you need.  So go to the ER.

But if you have a chronic condition, then you need us to help you get better.  Keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results.  In this case, more and more medications.  Get out of the box and do something different, if you want to feel better and live better!

Call for our next seminar.  We will HELP you get better!