The number of autoimmune issues is skyrocketing.  Just look at the TV ads for autoimmune problems, and realize these new drugs on TV are great drugs, but the true cost of the drugs are between $30,000 and $120,000 a year.  and then look at the side effects – pneumonia, cancer, death, and many more.

Automiine is simply when the body begins attacking itself.  Functional medicine ahs some very effective methods for reversing auto-destruction.

In functional medicine, we want to lower the inflammation in the body, and this is accomplished via strengthening the immune systems, reducing inflammtion, and optimizing the hormones.

If you have an autoimmune problem and are not satisifes with your health, with how you are feeling, then call the clinic and find out when our next dinner seminar is dealign with autoimmune problems.  Come let us show you how you can get your health back and feel great again.

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