The news is reporting how the numbers of folks experiencing depression and/or anxiety are increasing quickly over the past six months.  No doubt about it.  Everyone’s stress levels are so high at this time.  It looks as though things will not get much easier anytime soon.

Associated with the news is the thought of a solution via pharmaceuticals.  Yes, the drug companies are very excited about the thoughts of increasing their profits from the drugs used to treat depression and anxiety.  But the big problem is that depression and anxiety are not caused by a biochemical abnormality.  Nowhere has there been a study demonstrating a biochemical deficit (serotonin) as the cause of depression.  Yet, that is not what the drug companies want us to think.  We are told by the pharmaceuticals and medical professions that serotonin levels are low when depressed, therefore we need a SSRI or SNRI to augment this.

Many health professionals from other countries do not buy into this false teaching or thought.  In fact, many studies show that there is a worsening of depression when those medications are used.  Those who get a placebo for their depression often do much better than those on the medication.

Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD talks about these studies showing no benefit, but in fact, a worsening of outcomes in her new book, OWN YOUR SELF.  Charles Whittaker talks about it in his book, Psychiatry Under the Influence, written over ten years ago.

No, what is needed is a functional medicine approach to resolving the causes of depression and anxiety.  We need to explore the root causes of these emotions and correct the deficits or excessive which are causing us to experience these emotions.  Prozac or Zoloft is not needed.

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