I am so excited to introduce our team to you.  In reality, we are your team.  We are hear to help you regain your life, your vitality.  We all have a common belief in our clinic.  We truly believe that each one of are the same deep down.  What I mean is that each of us, including you, have the same primal wants.  We want to live a full life; we want to see our children grow and mature into their potentials and teach our children the lessons we have learned; and we all want to enjoy life with our loved ones.  To do these things well, we must have our health.  It is very hard with illness to see these wants come true.

So, let me introduce ourselves to you.



Having spent nearly 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry helping to bring new medications to market, I came to the realization that health cannot be found in pharmaceuticals! Yes, medications are necessary at times; however, the promise of a “simple” treatment can sometimes delay us from making the decisions that we know, deep-down, we need to make for our health. And sometimes medications cause issues for us that we don’t even expect!

No matter how sick you might feel right now, health is within each of us and is just waiting for a supportive, attentive alliance to bring it out for the you and for the world to see. I believe that health can be created. This is why I left my career in pharmaceutical research several years ago – to work closely with people to help them leverage the immense power that they have in creating their very best health- on their terms. As your health coach, I find out what matters most to you and together we co-create a plan that integrates your personal values and strengths, as well as your desires and abilities. I’m with you each and every step of the way as your ally who sees all that’s “right” with you. Let’s do this!


Allison Kelly, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Health Coach

Natural healthy living has always been a big part of my life. It started at a young age when I would help my parents in our garden and in the kitchen. From there I took on the passion of cooking clean, fresh, and healthy. Over the years I have instilled this in my own family.
I love to teach our clients new ways of thinking about what they are eating and why it’s so important for them. Our goal is to provide each client with the tools to succeed in a happier, healthier lifestyle.


Rachel Handley


I want to welcome you to our site.  During my years as a medical oncologist, I learned that the patient is really the captain of the ship, not the doctor.  As an oncologist, I viewed my role as mostly being an adviser to the patient.  I would make my recommendations for a therapy, giving both the pros and the cons, as well as the costs involved – costs  from a financial arena and emotional costs.  Then the patient would choose which avenue to travel and it was my role to support that person in their choice.

This was over 6 years ago.

I see the same in functional medicine.  My role is one of a mentor, or a coach.  I am not the dictator who tells you what you should do.

Our folks come to us often not feeling well.  There may be pain issues, or other health issues really getting in the way of them being functional and alive.  Sometimes, they say, “Things just aren’t right, and I know there must be a better way!”

After we spend time coaching and helping our folks to get their vitality back, to lessen their physical and/or emotional pain, they experience a transformation.  These people begin their health quest feeling small and confused, but at the end, they are confident, glowing, and in charge of their health.

This is so much fun to see people transform before your eyes in a relatively short period of time!


Roy Hall MD

I know first hand the benefit of getting myself heathy and would never return to my previous way of living.  I feel so much better these past few years.

I get so excited when our members tell us how their lives, even their marriages, have tremendously changed for the better after they began their journey with our clinic.  It is really fun to see these changes occur right before your eyes.  I don’t want anyone to miss out on the great health that is yours to claim.  Join us, don’t put it off any longer.  Optimal health is your for the taking.


Sharon Dickhaut