Congratulations on deciding to regain your health!  I think you will really enjoy the journey, and I know you are going to be excited about the new changes in how you will feel.  Central to getting control again of your health is through foods.  Food is our most dangerous weapon and most powerful medicine.  Many worry though that eating healthy is expensive.  But is does not have to be expensive.  In fact you may even save money.  It is really possible to save money and eat healthy when you plan out your budget, meals, and shopping trips ahead of time.  Read on to see how to do this.

Before shopping …

Figure out your weekly schedule and budget.  Plan ahead if you know you will be eating out or making meals for others.

Check your freezer, refrigerator, and pantry to see what you have and make a list of what you need.

Follow the sales in the stores weekly through ads and flyers.  Keep an eye out for special sales on items, such as meats and fresh foods.

Plan your meals for the week and be sure you have the correct ingredients.

Review the Environmental Working group’s Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen lists.  Here you will find those foods which really should be organic and other foods which are okay to eat in the non-organic state.  This will save you money.  The Dirty Dozen have the most pesticide residue when raised conventionally.

Have a snack before going to the grocery store.  Going hungry is not a great idea.

While in the store …

Buy foods and items that are only on your shopping list.  No ad libs!

Get the generic or store brand items when possible.

Look on the bottom shelves when buying shelf-stable foods.  This is where you will often find the less expensive items.

No processed or packaged foods when possible.  The packaging often contributes significantly to the higher pricing.

Buy seasonal foods (fruits and vegetables.  These are often cheaper and have much more flavor.

Frozen produce is a viable option to fresh.  These foods are often frozen at their height of freshness and have the highest nutrient content.  You may even store up on the frozen foods when money is good and save for those times when money is tight.

Buying bulk is helpful in terms of costs.  Great items here are spices, rice, beans, nuts, and flours.

Simply avoid the interior aisles of the stores.  This is where the candies, chips, and soda hide and wait to ambush you.  These are costly and have no nutritional value.  Stick with the perimeter of the store, the home of the meats, fruits, and vegetables.