After Regenerative Medicine is absolutely the most powerful medicine I have run across in my over 40 years in medicine.  For 32 years, I was a medical oncologist.  This is much more powerful than my chemotherapy, has essentially no side effects, and much more cost effective.

Our clinic is primarily a functional medicine clinic.  We address the root causes of illnesses, rather than treating the symptoms as so much of traditional medicine focuses.  By doing this, we help rid the problem at its source.  The analogy is very similar to one having a wood splinter in the skin and going to the clinic for help.  The doctor looks at the wound and mentions that it is reddened, inflamed.  So, the doctor offers an antibiotic.  The doctor then asks if it hurts, and one answers “yes”.  The doctor now gives a pain medicine.  In functional medicine, we simply say to remove the splinter and one will not need an antibiotic, nor a pain pill.  This then allows the patient to often be able to stop their medication safely and not experience a worsening of the original problem.

Regenerative medicine does this also.  X-rays of joints injected with regenerative medicine often shows a joint healing, with increased cartilage and better bone structure.  It’s like seeing the same joint, but only twenty years younger.

Watch the video and learn how easy it is for you to take control of your life again, and to regain your health and vitality.  You are spending way too much effort and time doing what you are doing now to control your pain.  Let’s simply get rid of the pain.

After watching the video, be sure to call our clinic (406-969-6310), and set up a time we can meet and show you how easy it is to get rid of that pain.