Most of you, I am sure, are aware that the Bible has the Ten Commandments. But did you know there are Ten Commandments in Regenerative Medicine?


Well, there is. And here they are.


FIRST COMMANDMENT – Thou shalt not go to an orthopedic doctor for the treatment of your knee pain.


The standard treatment in orthopedics is a joint replacement. Yes, they may give pain medicine and injections upfront. But the ultimate goal is getting a joint replaced surgically.


Last year, there were over 1 million knees replaced in this country.

To date, the success rate of many of the regenerative clinics around the country is over 80% of the folks never needing that joint replaced. Regenerative medicine is so much easier and so much cheaper than joint replacement.


SECOND COMMANDMENT – Thou shalt not have a cortisone injection for the pain issue.


Do you know the FDA recommends limiting the steroid injections to 3 in a lifetime! We have had multiple patients in the clinic who have upwards of ten injections. 3 in this joint, 3 in another, 2 in another and another 2 for a different site!


You probably were not aware that the steroid injections causing bone dissolution. It truly makes the arthritis worse.


THIRD COMMANDMENT – Thou shall have your pain resolved.


Pain means there is something wrong in the area which is hurting. Resolve the problem, and the pain goes away. Traditional medicine simply treat the symptom of the pain, so the source of the pain remains, causing more pain. 


Life is not to be lived with pain. Pain is simply a signal that something needs to be addressed.


FOURTH COMMANDMENT – Thou shalt once again enjoy Montana and all she has to offer.


We live in a great state. We are to be hiking, fishing, riding horses, playing golf, out on the waters, and having fun. But when we hurt, we don’t feel like having fun. We can’t have fun.


I say then you might as well in Texas (where I am from) or Oklahoma.  


FIFTH COMMANDMENT – Thou shall do more than just get a regenerative medicine injection.


There are many regenerative medicine clinics that simply give injections for the treatment of painful issues. Our clinic does more. We want to lower the inflammation in the joint and the body. We provide nutrients to help the bone and cartilage heal, and we give anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants to help the stem cells survive longer and work more efficiently.  


You need more than just an injection if you want an optimal response.


SIXTH COMMANDMENT -Thou shalt not be afraid of the regenerative injection.


Many are afraid that the injection will cause pain. No, it doesn’t. I probably should not tell you this, but we do not use an anesthetic such as lidocaine. The anesthetic kills the stem cells. We do numb the skin with cold before doing the injection. Overall, there is less discomfort than when you get your blood drawn for testing.


SEVENTH COMMANDMENT – Thou shalt not allow your insurance company to dictate your pain or your health.


In most instances, regenerative medicine (stem cells and exosomes) is not covered by insurance. People don’t realize that it is the drug companies and hospitals that tell the insurance companies to cover. There is so much more money being made by the insurance companies, hospitals, drug companies, and insurance companies when the more expensive procedure is being performed.


As long as people say, “I can’t do XX, because my insurance company won’t cover it,” they are doomed to the same course of action which they have been getting. You must step out of the box. You must do something different if you want a different outcome.


EIGHTH COMMANDMENT – Thou shalt not postpone your decision to get better.


There is a great Chinese Proverb which asks when is the best time to plant a tree. The answer – “Twenty years ago.”


“So, when is the next best time to plant a tree?” The answer – “Now.”


The sooner you get your regenerative medicine injection, the sooner you will feel better.


NINTH COMMANDMENT – Thou shalt have the best of regenerative medicine care.


This is similar to the 5th Commandment. You must find a clinic that does more than just give the injection. The clinic needs to address different components of your pain. There needs to be a system to get you better, and a system they use to improve the results for those who do not experience their desired outcome.


TENTH COMMANDMENT -Thou shall once again wear a big smile on that cute face of yours.


We know that life is not always a bed of roses. There are thorns, too. But we should smile big more than wearing a frown. Life is so much easier, so much more fun when we don’t hurt. I will tell you, you are spending way too much time and way too much energy right now dealing with your pain. Regenerative medicine has a simple and successful answer to deal with your pain. Don’t wait any longer.