We are being taught today in this pandemic period four things.  (1) Wash your hands, (2) Keep 6 feet apart, (3) wear a mask, and (4) wait for the vaccine.

This totally is robbing us of all power, and so many are simply feeling powerless.  I ran into a friend at the grocery the other night, and she was complaining about how helpless she felt.

I pointed out to her this is the perfect time to take back control of her health.  What we are learning about the COVID-19 infection is there are groups f folks who tend to do worse than others.  These include the elderly, and those with other illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune issues, and obesity.

The functional medicine clinics around the country are extremely busy at this time, as people are wanting to reverse the above illnesses.  (Of course, we cannot change our age.)  But we can through functional medicine reverse obesity, reverse heart disease, autoimmune issues, and diabetes.

Take control of your health.  It is not complicated, and so worth it.  You will feel remarkably better.